Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stuff and Things

Wow talk about a t.v. show that was hard to handle and emotionally
draining ! I just watched the first eps. of Obsessed its about OCD. It
was a story about a woman and a man that both have this disorder. Anyway
I don't want to go over the whole dang show.. but have you ever watched a
movie and gotten so envolved with the ppl. that when you leave the show
your drained? Totally tired? Shouldn't have watched that show. Hit to dang close to home I guess. Ohh well on to more stuff and things learned

Lets see what did I learn about me today? Number one I don't like tons of ppl and loud noises. Funny thing considering I used to be a preschool teacher huh? I wonder why that has changed so. I also have learned another thing a good thing actually. I have a wonderfull family! I need to remember that when the days get hard and all start to blend into one another. I guess it sorta goes with the saying "don't forget to count your blessings" Its funny when you really sit down with a pencil and paper and start counting every single one. You know like Number 1. I am alive 2. I have two wonderfull daughters 3. Everyone is basiclly healthy. 4. I can count lol 5. I have a place to live 6. I have food to eat 7 I have electricity 8. I have a computer 9. I have the internet. 10. I can type and tons more.. see what I mean? You really don't see how much you have till you write them all down! Ok I am off my soapbox. I do wonder though how any of you feel about what I am typing or for that matter is anyone really reading any of this? Drop me a note plz and at least say Hi or something so I know I am not the only one reading my what seem to have become "mini novels" . LOL Hope you are all having a nic evening couting your blessings!