Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well today starts out with me not getting up till 11 .. I missed my nice quiet morning dang it! You see around here if I don't get up early in the morning , then I can forget my alone time. I like being alone in the morning, just me and my dogs and the quiet , ohhh the quiet. No TV that's the best. I can think. You know what I mean? Really really think . Only thing is once in awhile this thinking causes some strange side effects. I start wondering if I am the only person that really thinks like this? I am sure I am not. So why can I only hear my thoughts? See through my eyes? Only feel what I touch? It's weird it kinda starts a circle that goes around and around in my head. Then I start feeling really lonely and scared. Weird I know. But most mornings I just get to sit quietly for an hour or so and drink my coffee, watch a quick craft show or Joyce Myers Show. I don't usually read in the mornings because it makes me sleepy and I am likely to fall back to sleep and waste a perfectly good morning!

Well I am off to explore some blogs. Maybe I can find something that will inspire me to get back to my art. HMMM you never know right?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Who is Susie?

I am sure you have read many blogs where people have no idea how to describe
who they are. So I guess this will be just one more. I wanted to say hello and
introduce myself like normal people would do. But heck I might as well admit it now.
One thing I do know about myself is that I don't fit into what most people call "The Norm"
But then again what DO most people call normal? I have always been told I am
weird, different, dance to the beat of my own drum, sing my own tune, that type of
thing. It's not that I wear wild crazy clothes that stand out from the rest of the crowd, although I would love to. It's not that my hair is green, but blue would be nice,or maybe pink. It's not that I color outside the lines, well not unless I am in the mood to. I am not loud or obnoxious, but I can sure belt out a good song. I am not abnormally short or tall,but good things do come in small packages.I don't tell people I see little green men from another planet,but it would sure be fun to meet some! So what makes me feel so different? What makes me weird? Good question, maybe all of you can help me figure it out.