Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well today starts out with me not getting up till 11 .. I missed my nice quiet morning dang it! You see around here if I don't get up early in the morning , then I can forget my alone time. I like being alone in the morning, just me and my dogs and the quiet , ohhh the quiet. No TV that's the best. I can think. You know what I mean? Really really think . Only thing is once in awhile this thinking causes some strange side effects. I start wondering if I am the only person that really thinks like this? I am sure I am not. So why can I only hear my thoughts? See through my eyes? Only feel what I touch? It's weird it kinda starts a circle that goes around and around in my head. Then I start feeling really lonely and scared. Weird I know. But most mornings I just get to sit quietly for an hour or so and drink my coffee, watch a quick craft show or Joyce Myers Show. I don't usually read in the mornings because it makes me sleepy and I am likely to fall back to sleep and waste a perfectly good morning!

Well I am off to explore some blogs. Maybe I can find something that will inspire me to get back to my art. HMMM you never know right?

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