Saturday, June 27, 2009

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Looks like a very interesting site! Has anyone read her books? Would love to if they are any good. Please drop me a note and let me know. About « Chronic Illness & Pain Support

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Magic Wands

I lost my Magic Wand a long long time ago.. when I was a very young girl.. thing is now that I think about it I am not sure I ever had one.. I think it was my mother that had the magic wand. She always seems to be able to make things better. I asked her today about that magic wand I wanted to borrow it for my own daughter.. but its funny she said she lost her's long ago too. But if she lost it then how come it always seems like she has one? And and where is mine so I can wipe away the pain for my daughter???? Then I got to thinking as usual these days The magic of Mommies.. do I have that magic? Can I help my little one feel better? Please God help me help her ... help me find that lost magic wand. Its funny whenever I mention my wand everyone knows exactly what I am talking about.. as if they have seen it too... yet no one seems to have any idea where theirs or anyone else's is. I am rambling tonight .. thoughts are scrambled I remember the pain she is going through so well, that unbearable tormented nothing in the world will ever be right again pain. Know that pain? The only thing I know to tell her, the only way I know to help is to tell her it will get better , it will , time will fade this type of pain, it will get better, it is like an open wound, it will heal but leave a scar that with time will fade to just a shimmer of its original self. I wanted to take her and shield her from anything harmful, never let a single thing touch her.... but I couldn't do that.... if I had my sweet little rose bud would never have blossomed into the beautiful being she is. I hope she knows how proud of her I am.. I am very proud of both my wonderfull girls... grown women now though... that still need mommie once in awhile... don't I know that feeling... ohh see I have learned something today... My children still need me.. and I still need my mommie. Take care all .... give your mother, daughter , sister.. hubby... son .. daddy.... a hug today, let them know you still need them. Good night...sweet dreams

Children and mothers never truly part -
Bound in the beating of each
other's heart.
- Charlotte Gray

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Learned things

Ohh myyy what did I learn about myself today? First off I HATE it when to many things are going on at once. Somebody bugging you about where something is when THEY are the one that lost it, somebody on the cell phone saying they are gonna be late, and someone on hold wanting to know how things were today, and at the SAME time some one on the home phone calling wanting some paper sent to them RIGHT THIS minute! I was ready to pull my hair out! So now what do I do so this doesn't happen again? Get rid of the phones? Love that idea... but don't think the rest of the household would. Tell the person bugging me to shut up! Can't do that wouldn't be nice. Lots of can'ts there huh? Sooo what do I do? And dont you dare tell me thats just life! Hmmmm that is life though isn't it... and as I sit here and think about this I realize I should stop complaining and be gratefull. Gratefull for what you might ask? 1. Gratefull that I have some one here with me and I am not alone, even though we might bicker now and then, if we didn't things we be mighty boring around here. 2. Gratefull that someone is coming over at all and they care about me enough to call and say they are going to be late! 3. Very gratefull that someone cares enough to call and ask how I am feeling! What a wonderfull thing that is. 4. Gratefull that that I have a phone so this person who was nice enough to call and tell me this paper needed to be in or I was out some money!

WOW, guess it really does matter HOW you look at things huh? Have a good one! Hope you learned something about you today too!