Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Learned things

Ohh myyy what did I learn about myself today? First off I HATE it when to many things are going on at once. Somebody bugging you about where something is when THEY are the one that lost it, somebody on the cell phone saying they are gonna be late, and someone on hold wanting to know how things were today, and at the SAME time some one on the home phone calling wanting some paper sent to them RIGHT THIS minute! I was ready to pull my hair out! So now what do I do so this doesn't happen again? Get rid of the phones? Love that idea... but don't think the rest of the household would. Tell the person bugging me to shut up! Can't do that wouldn't be nice. Lots of can'ts there huh? Sooo what do I do? And dont you dare tell me thats just life! Hmmmm that is life though isn't it... and as I sit here and think about this I realize I should stop complaining and be gratefull. Gratefull for what you might ask? 1. Gratefull that I have some one here with me and I am not alone, even though we might bicker now and then, if we didn't things we be mighty boring around here. 2. Gratefull that someone is coming over at all and they care about me enough to call and say they are going to be late! 3. Very gratefull that someone cares enough to call and ask how I am feeling! What a wonderfull thing that is. 4. Gratefull that that I have a phone so this person who was nice enough to call and tell me this paper needed to be in or I was out some money!

WOW, guess it really does matter HOW you look at things huh? Have a good one! Hope you learned something about you today too!

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